Build Your Next BMW Today

Don’t wait until you need a new vehicle to purchase a new vehicle. The global shortage of semiconductors has significantly reduced new and used vehicle inventory. Meaning the vehicle you want might not always be available for sale.

By factory ordering your next vehicle, you are ensuring that you have the perfect vehicle ready for you when you need it. You’ll have the opportunity to design, order, and drive a vehicle which has been created for you and by you.

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Why You Should Pre-Order Your Next BMW

By being in charge of the colours, materials, and options your new vehicle is equipped with, you can be sure that your next BMW suits your lifestyle, your personality and your budget. Ensure that you aren’t paying for options that you don’t need, and make your new BMW completely unique to you.

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BMW Factory Ordering Process

{{{Configure your next vehicle with the help of one of our Product Advisors and see the differences in colours, materials, and options in person at our showroom.}}}


Choose Your Exterior Colour

Choose Your Exterior Colour

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Choose Your Interior Colours & Materials

Choose Your Interior Colours & Materials

Choose Your Option Packages

Choose Your Option Packages

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{{{What Are the Stages of a Factory Order?}}}

  1. {{{You configure your vehicle with a BMW Langley Product Advisor}}}
  2. {{{A deposit is placed to secure the order}}}
  3. {{{The order is sent to the BMW and confirmed}}}
  4. {{{BMW assigns a production number and a build date}}}
  5. {{{The vehicle is shipped to BMW Langley}}}
  6. {{{BMW Langley processes the vehicle and prepares it for delivery}}}
  7. {{{You are invited in to finish the paperwork and take delivery of your vehicle}}}
  8. {{{You take delivery of your new BMW!}}}

Your New BMW is Waiting

Get started today and build the BMW that only belongs to you.


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