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5 Advantages of Selling Your Car to a Dealership

September 24th 2021 | Lia Ortiz

If you've been thinking about selling your old car, you've probably considered all your options. Let us save you the hassle! Selling to a dealership is the best way to get rid of your old car. Still not convinced? We've listed down 5 reasons why.

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A Day In the Life of An Automotive General Manager: Q&A with Danny Xi

September 11th 2021 | Lia Ortiz

A General Manager wears many hats. They make sure that the dealership is always running smoothly. In this interview with Danny Xi, we discuss the role, its rewards and challenges, and what it's like working in the automotive industry.

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5 Benefits You Get With An EV in British Columbia

July 23rd 2021 | Lia Ortiz

There are so many benefits that come with buying an Electric Vehicle! We’ve listed down 5 perks that come with purchasing an EV here in British Columbia.

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Electric Vehicle Terminology: What's the Difference Between kW vs kWh?

July 14th 2021 | Raymond Tang

Shopping for new electric vehicles can be incredibly daunting. Those not familiar with EV terminology will find

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Celebrating Women In Auto: Q&A with Finance Manager Chelsea Gillis

July 08th 2021 | Lia Ortiz

There are many hats a person wears during their career. In a challenging environment like the automotive industry, one

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