BMWL - Winter Tire Special

Why Choose BMW Langley

Our BMW Service Advisors and Technicians are knowledgeable, friendly, and have been trained to maintain and repair your BMW. As a leader in the market you can expect to be looked after and our service to be an excellent value for the price.

Complimentary Wheel Installation

The installation fee for your winter wheels? It's on us. (Retail value of $50)

Complimentary Tire Storage

The first season of safe and convenient tire storage for your summer tires is free. (Retail value of $120)

Safety First

Roads can become slick at low temperatures before snow begins to fall. Historically, temperatures in Vancouver drop to the 5-7 degree Celsius threshold in late October, which is when your all-season and summer tires become less effective. Cold weather tires provide that added grip to keep you on the road.

Beat the Winter Rush

Why wait in line? Beat the long lineups for winter tires.

Redeem this Offer

A BMW Service Advisor will contact you to confirm that we have the correct tires for your vehicle.

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