Fleet Pricing

We offer a better program for Corporate and Employees when purchasing or leasing a BMW.

With the BMW Fleet program, companies operating five or more vehicles are entitled to generous benefits when purchasing or leasing their executive’s vehicles. Our BMW Fleet program is designed to address the needs of companies who are seeking executive transportation. To qualify your company must have five vehicles owned and operated in the company name and have a corporate BMW fleet account number. BMW fleet pricing can also be extended to those commercial customers buying three or more business use vehicles at one time.

VIPs, executives and upper level management whose company offers five or more car allowances can also take advantage of the BMW Fleet program. Fleet incentives will be extended to those business customers who receive a fixed monthly or yearly allowance specifically for the acquisition or operation of a motor vehicle.

BMW Langley also offers the following:
4-Year, 80,000 km No-Charge Scheduled Maintenance
Standard features that other luxury car companies may offer only as options
A balance of performance, handling and safety
24-hour Roadside Assistance
A customer service experience unparalleled in the industry

Talk with our Fleet Specialist on qualification criteria, inventory and current savings on all our models. business@bmwlangley.com